„Adjusting the path, not the target.“

In the last 30 years, we have developed commercial management strategies for over 58.000 residences and Turn-Around Strategies for around 29.000 residences.

We have purchased and refurbished about 5.000 residences, and subsequently managed them, in a housing company that we have established; in short: we have taken liability for the result – with success.

The prime experience that we have acquired along the way is: each property has its own characteristics. And so, the path one must take to solve the problems and reach the goal must also be individual.

With its experience as a Real Estate- and Asset-Manager, the ASA Gruppe does not only support you on the search for the right path, but also accompanies you and takes responsibility along this path, all the way until the end.

Within the field of activity „Real Estate- and Asset-Management” we offer all services from one hand; these services range from the strategic planning to the practical realization to the administration of your property nationwide.

  • Interim Asset-Management.
    You are at the point in between the Signing and Closing of a portfolio transaction. Or you wish to develop a portfolio and bring it on the market.
    In both cases, we instantly take over all the primary Asset-Management functions in terms of the orderly transformation of your Asset-Management or the aimed Exit. Your resources are unburdened, while we swiftly provide a detailed insight to the Cash Flow, the administration services and the expected development of the portfolio.  more
  • Operational Asset-Management.
    You have already determined the benchmark for the profit of your portfolio. We plan the required measures, conduct their implementation and ensure the achievement of your benchmark. You are able to inform yourself about the ongoing development of your portfolio at any time, from anywhere in the world.  more

In order to provide you with an overview, we promptly prepare– if necessary – a report in accordance with accepted bank standards.

Additionally, all the relevant information is accessible to you permanently at the „ASA Pier“, the client portal of the ASA Gruppe.

There, you will also find the „Performance Grid“, with which you can take a look for example, at the ongoing development of the Cash Flow of your portfolio, as detailed as the account balances of single objects.

If you wish to view the „ASA Pier“ and the „Performance Grid“ online for one time, then please simply send us a short notice We will instantly send you the Login!

For your questions concerning the field of activity „Real Estate- and Asset-Management“ we are at your service at all times! We will be pleased to provide advice!

Contact:  Frank Darnstädt  Detlef Rüster