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„Security for sound Investments.“

Transaction processes require high demands from the parties involved: Presence, flexibility and liability in terms of deadlines and quality ensures your advance by vending and buying procedures.

As real estate consultants in Due Diligence Processes, we have evaluated approximately 37 Million Square meters of residential real estate, and around 4.1 Million Square meters of commercial real estate.

  • The focus of the „TechDD“ is the estimation of perspectives of costs and investments into the structure, technique and equipment of the properties – practice-oriented and in accordance with accepted bank standards. Here you profit from the extensive experience of the ASA Gruppe in refurbishment and proprietorship of their own residential real estate. For more security in your decisions.
  • With the „PreView“ we offer the option to get a quick and cost-efficient first impression of the portfolio, before entering the costly Due Diligence Process.  more
  • In „Interim Asset-Management“ we undertake very swiftly the supervision and administration of your vendor or buyer portfolio up to an aimed Exit. The developments of object strategies in collaboration, an accepted standard of reporting as well as the complete transparency of our activities and the development of your portfolio are thereby fundamental.   more

We plan and coordinate the evaluation process, perform the inspections swiftly, with experienced engineers and prepare the results transparently for you. Thereby, we reduce your coordination efforts and increase the security of your purchase decision.

All the relevant information is accessible to you permanently at the „ASA Pier“, the client portal of the ASA Gruppe.

If you wish to view the „ASA Pier“ and the „Performance Grid“ online for one time, then please simply send us a short notice.
We will instantly send you the Login!

For your questions concerning the field of activity „Transaction Consultancy “ we are at your service at all times! We will be pleased to provide advice!

Contact:  Dirk Steinbach