„Identify and develop resources.
Welcome to the ASA Gruppe!“

For over 30 years, the ASA Gruppe has been successful in the real estate sector: initially in the refurbishment for third parties, then in the establishment of a housing company owned by themselves, and subsequently in the commercial management of 5.000 dwelling units.

Today, we offer our experience acquired through extensive practice in Real Estate- and Asset-Management and Transaction Consultancy.

We have carried out Technical Due Diligence for far over 41 Million Square meters of residential and commercial real estate up to this day, composed Turn Around Strategies or development scenarios for portfolios with around 88.000 dwelling units, consulted buyers and vendors in Transaction processes and taken over Asset-Management on behalf of proprietors.

We continue thinking: not only what we can do for you, but also how we can adjust our work for your specific requirements. You can trust our highly qualified, flexible staff, and our long-term experience.

Clients that have relied on us are – among others – institutional investors, international major banks, German commercial banks, investment companies, transaction and consulting firms, as well as insolvency administrators and forced administrators.

You can find more information in these pages on the ASA Gruppe and the range of its activities.

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