Online tool "ASA Pier" now with a "Perfomance Grid"

"ASA Pier", the internet based documentation and communications platform, now comes with a "Perfomance Grid".

On basis of standing- and dynamic-data turned out by property-management, indicators give you full overview of yours portfolio perfomance.

Tracing your success: With only a few clicks from performance indicators directly to ballances accounts.

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ASA Gruppe provides banks in Real Estate Asset-Management

ASA Gruppe is mandated by five banks with technical and business adminstration Asset-Management services.

The portfolio, which ASA Gruppe was assigned to serve, is owned by an international investor and comprises about 10.000 dwellings in Germany.

ASA`s challenge is to control the investor´s quaterly reports and the investor´s investment control to reduce vacancy on basis of signed conditions between bank and propiertor (borrower).

The intention is to stabilize the cash flow and to reduce vacancy.

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